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Offshore & Industrial Services Limted

Viet Nam, Vung Tau City

51 Nguyen Huu Cau

Company description:

Offshore and Industrial SERVICES  Limited (OIS)

 Was initially established in 2002 as a 100% Foreign Owned Investment Company, with an Investment License issued by the Vietnamese Government - Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Also active in the Oil / Gas and Industrial Sectors, Covering Design, Consultants, Development, Investment, Fund Manager, Manufacture, and Procurement Activities.

 OIS Group’s aim is to provide all Clients with efficient and optimal solutions that meet all requirements of safety, environmental and industrial standards, with a core team of experienced personnel and an established record.

OIS Group’s endeavor to provide a service that is relevant to the work required and that fully meets the Client’s expectations with respect to cost, scope and end product.

 OIS-Exporters is  Export Division of Offshore & Industrial Services Limited.

 OIS-Exporters division is a global Trade Center tailored for suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, import export businesses and business opportunity seekers we are also act as Sellers Mandate. 

 We see our business as an opportunity and complimentary supplier’s manufacturer’s directory and international trade leads community. To maintain a relationships with our customers, basing on our expertise and profound knowledge of the international trading and the strict respect for our commitments.

 OIS-Exporters division mission:

 Is to create a new way of working in the export and to develop commercial opportunities all over the world and especially by strengthening the exchanges of developing countries as well in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We propose a varied range of products which are especially raw materials native of all continents of the world.

 OIS-Exporters division has the following objectives:

 · To deliver good quality Metal,  Non Metallic and other Products to our clients.

· To improve customer satisfaction with better opportunities of high quality products.

· We strive to be aware of technological advances in our industry. This enables us to deliver, high quality products at competitive prices.

 · To continually improve the financial stability of the Company so as to enhance our trading capabilities.

· To systematically reduce the effect that our business has on the environment.