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Uglex is online coal marketplace
We are one of the largest services for selling and buying of coal
Important note: we do not publish your contact details after placing purchase request in order to help you to avoid undesirable calls and spam. All negotiations on the request are carried out online, at our website.
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OOO "SpecAvtoStroy"

Russian Federation, Минусинск, Krasnoyarskiy kray Minusinskiy rayon Promyshlennaya ploschadka zheleznodorozhnaya, 403 km zheleznoy dorogi Mezhdurechensk – Tayshet 2

TT Lci

Mongolia, Ulanbatar, BGD 10-104-3-

OOO «Dom-ugol»

Russian Federation, Екатеринбург , Prostornaya 10


Ukraine, Киев , Ulica. Shelkovichnaya 1


Russian Federation, Ростов-на-Дону, Portovaya 393

Vladivostok Trade

Russian Federation, Владивосток, 690003, Vladivostok, Ul. Bestuzheva, 21, of. 6
Good afternoon! Our company is engaged in the sale of oil, petroleum products and various coal from the Russian Federation. We can supply both from the Far East and from the West by sea to China and other countries.Readmore


Kazakhstan, Ekibastuz, Mashur Zhusup

OOO "Demenciya"

Russian Federation, Красноярск, Krasnoyarsk, ul. Novossibirskaya, d. 39


Kazakhstan, Караганда, Zholdasbekova
Уголь обогащенный рассортированный марки К, Фракция 0-100 мм, Зольность %22, массовая доля общей влаги %8, теплота сгорания (низшая) ккал/кг5500, выход летучих %30Readmore


Indonesia, Табонео, Samarindu 17
уголь из ИндонезииReadmore

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