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Libershtern i partnery

Russian Federation, Красноярск , Ul. Furmanova 37


Indonesia, Banjarmasin, Lokatabat, Banjarmasin
Hereby we would like to inform you that we provide some coal calories from direct miners:GAR 47-45GAR 60-58GAR 55-53GAR 63-61in very large deposits and proven quality.Regularly shipment and Irrevocable At Sight LC Payment are available. Kindly please contact us for further information details. Best Regards,Andi

TOO "Zhaңa Kөmіr"

Kazakhstan, Караганда, p. Aktas, mkr 1, d 4 kv 17.

Ugolnyy Centr Saburhan

Kazakhstan, Караганда, Lenina11, ofis 209

OAO "Angishti Kamarob

Tajikistan, Рашт, Rayony respublikanskogo podchineniya

OOO "Yumiks"

Russian Federation, Иркутск, 664025, obl. Irkutskaya, g. Irkutsk, ul. Stepana Razina, d. 27

Russkaya Promyshlennaya Kompaniya

Russian Federation, Кемерово, 650004, g. Kemerovo, ul. Tuhachevskogo, d. 22a
Добыча и реализация каменного угля марок СС, ТС, К. Торговля углями других марок.Readmore

World wide

Russian Federation, Novorossisk, Novorossisk port


Russian Federation, Кемерово, Zayceva dom 6
Продажа нефтепродуктов ,экспорт по всему мируReadmore

Ugolnaya promploschadka

Russian Federation, Шахты, Rostovskaya oblast, g. Shahty

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