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Russian Federation, Кемерово, ul. Ishimskaya, d. 12A

OOO "Garant Servis"

Russian Federation, Кемерово, ul. Shaturskaya, 1B/1 k2

Jiangsu Kaihuida New Material Technology Co., Ltd

China, xuzhou, 1-2213, Hengmao international business center, Xi'an North Road, Quanshan District, Xuzhou City,
<span style="vertical-align: inherit;"><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">江苏凯汇达新材料科技有限公司是一家从事化工产品开发、生产、经营的科技型公司。<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">是一家集科技开发、批量生产为一体的综合性企业。<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">是江苏省专业的产品研发生产厂家,产品质量优良。<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">同时,在全体员工的共同努力下,公司得到了快速发展,产品销往世界各地,深受客户好评。<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">我公司响应当地政府号召,加快产业结构调整,逐步扩大产能。<span style="vertical-align:...Readmore


Ukraine, Верхнеднепровск, Yabluneva 187-A
ООО "ЮНИМЕТАЛ ДНИПРО", является структурным подразделением ВЕРХНЕДНИПРОВСКОГО ЛИТЕЙНО-МЕХАНИЧЕСКОГО ЗАВОДА который ведет свою историю с 1898 года, предлагает услуги изготовления продукции из чугуна и сталей, методом литья по технологии ЛГМ (литье по газифицируемым моделям).Readmore

OOO "Chayneks"

Russian Federation, Москва, Rossiya, Moskva, poselenie Moskovskiy, Kievskoe shosse, 22-y kilometr, dv4s5kE


Russian Federation, Ростов-на-Дону, Ростовская область, Россия, 346428, obl. Rostovskaya, g. Novocherkassk, ul. Krivoshlykova, d. 4a, ofis 205

OOO "Universalnyy Holding"

Russian Federation, Кемерово, Rossiya, Kemerovo
ООО "Универсальный Холдинг" город Новосибирск, Кемерово, Новокукзнецк сеть сервиса и ремонтов спецтехники и Гороного оборудования и машин - механизмов.Readmore

Hartman&Partners LLC

Russian Federation, Krasnodar, 350020, Russia, Rossiya, g. Krasnodar, ul. Rashpilevskaya, d. 201, ofis 4 office 4, office 201, Rashpilevskaya str., Krasnodar, 350020
Hello, Dear Partner!Russian company LLC Hardman & Partners. The company is engaged in legal services for foreign clients in Russia and the EU. Also, at the request of customers, we find coal products of interest according to the application and characteristics, we help with customs clearance and logistics.Today, we offer coal on terms: FOB, CIF ports ASWP and valves NLMK A500S D8-36mm EXW, st. Vorosnevo, at a reasonable price.For high-quality interaction and successful execution of the contract for the supply of goods, a list of documents is required:1. LOI2. BCL or RWA3. List of Managers and Directors4. License to import coal from the Russian Federation and metal into the customer's country5. Account Opening Certificate6. Certificate of Business Activity7. Credit number certificate of the organization8. Details in WORD format (ang, Russian language)All documents shall be provided...Readmore

OOO EkoSfera

Russian Federation, Москва, Balashiha
Экспорт Импорт ЛогистикаReadmore


Russian Federation, Ростов-на-Дону, Portovaya 393

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