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Uglex is online coal marketplace
We are one of the largest services for selling and buying of coal
Important note: we do not publish your contact details after placing purchase request in order to help you to avoid undesirable calls and spam. All negotiations on the request are carried out online, at our website.
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PRO package provides access to contact information of users before the deal is created and also allows to get an advantage by highlighting your advertisements and requests.
Access to contact details of the user
Highlighting and fixing your orders in the TOP for 7 days since publication
Highlighting and fixing your offers in the TOP during the whole time of publication
Showing your contact details directly in the offers
Highlighting your bids
Showing your contact details directly in the bids
PRO icon to be shown near your name in messages
1-month PRO
Try all the advantages of PRO package.
* Discount available till 01-12-2019
3-month PRO
The most reasonable option allowing to get PRO package for a short period of time.
* Discount available till 01-12-2019
12-month PRO
The most advantageous option allowing to get PRO package for the best price.
* Discount available till 01-12-2019

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