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Kazakhstan, Караганда, 5 - 7 - 82


Kazakhstan, Экибастуз, Energetikov 103A

PT.Hijjrah Artha Mulia

Indonesia, Jakarta, Jakarta -Indonesia
PT. Hijjrah Artha Mulia is a leading company in the coal industry, specializing in the sale and distribution of variable GAR (Gross As Received) coal from Indonesia. We provide a wide range of coal products, including Indonesia steam coal, hard coal, and anthracite. With a commitment to professionalism, reliability, and competitive pricing, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner in the coal market.Readmore


Kazakhstan, Алматы, Respublik Kazahstan, g. Almaty, Severnoe Kolco, 53V, kab.10
Компания TOO “EXPORT MAYER INC” приглашает Вас к сотрудничеству и предлагает Вам Каменные Угли происхождения Казахстан. Предлагаемые Угли Марки Д и Марки Б с доставкой.Readmore

Too Dostar Invest

Kazakhstan, КАРАГАНДА, AShIMOVA 33
Продажа угляReadmore

TOO Agro-kolos

Kazakhstan, Павлодар , G Pavlodar torgovaya 2/2

TOO Big Capital Group

Kazakhstan, Астана, g.Astana, rayon Almaty, ulica Іliyas Zhansүgіrұly, 8/1
Длиннопламенный уголь, Марки Д, Фракция 0-300, компании АО "Шубарколь Комир".Readmore


South Africa, Richards Bay, Umhlathuze Building, Gordon Road, Port of Richards Bay, Harbour Arterial Richards Bay
Our company is committed to sourcing and delivering coal products that meet the stringent requirements of our clients. We understand the unique characteristics and specifications demanded by various industries, and we ensure that our coal offerings are of the highest quality to meet those needs. Anthracite Coal: We take pride in supplying premium anthracite coal, renowned for its exceptional purity, high carbon content, and superior heating properties. Anthracite coal is a sought-after energy source, prized for its clean-burning characteristics and low emissions. Our team carefully selects anthracite coal from reputable mines to ensure consistent quality and performance. Rb1 and Rb2 Coal: In addition to anthracite coal, we offer Rb1 and Rb2 coal for shipping. Rb1 and Rb2 coal are popular choices in industries requiring reliable and efficient energy sources. We work closely with...Readmore

TMZ Global

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai, United Arabian Emirates
Business Bay, B2B Tower
Office 1111
TMZ Global LLC is a supplier of ferroalloys worldwide. Our products range includes FeSi, SiMn, FeMn, FeCr, FeMo, CaC2, electrode paste and gas calcined anthracite coal.Readmore


Indonesia, SAMARINDA, ARJUNA 1 NO.1 RT.10

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