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Coal classification Quantity Type Posted
Sub-bituminous A
5 000 tons Kazakhstan, FCA Караганда Consumer 27.09.2022
Sub-bituminous A
50 000 tons Israel, Польша Agent (commission) 25.09.2022
Sub-bituminous A
15 000 tons Poland, До границы Польши Agent (commission) 23.09.2022
Sub-bituminous A
100 000 tons China, провинции Гуйчжоу Buyer (Contract holder) 22.09.2022
30 000 tons China, Zhuhai Buyer (Contract holder) 21.09.2022
Sub-bituminous A
5 000 tons China, Гродеково Buyer (Contract holder) 15.09.2022
Coking coal
50 000 tons China, FCA Buyer (Contract holder) 12.09.2022
1 000 000 tons China, Цинхуандао, Баюйчуань, Даньдун Buyer (Contract holder) 06.09.2022
Steam coal
100 000 tons Pakistan, China by Train or on CIF basis Buyer (Contract holder) 27.08.2022
Sub-bituminous A
20 000 tons China, Суйфэньхэ Buyer (Contract holder) 24.08.2022
30 000 tons China, CIF/FOB/FCA Buyer (Contract holder) 22.08.2022
30 tons Czech Republic, Польша Гданьск Agent (commission) 22.08.2022
Sub-bituminous B
1 000 000 tons China, Баюйцуань,Ляньюнгуан, Даньдун Buyer (Contract holder) 22.08.2022
Sub-bituminous A
30 000 tons China, FOB/CIF Consumer 18.08.2022
Sub-bituminous A
30 000 tons China, EXW/FCA/ CIF Алашанкоу CIF Хоргос Agent (commission) 18.08.2022

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