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Erumway International Trade and Logistics

China, Shanghai , 1718, Wangfulin street, Songjiang district, Shanghai, China

Business Expo

Kazakhstan, Нур-Султан, Nur-Sultan, Sary-Arka pr. Respubliki 38

TOO "LoraMi"

Belarus, Барановичи, ul.Sovetskaya 3

Ugol servis

Kazakhstan, Караганда, Erubaeva 37

Vital Enterprise DMCC

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Office 30-26, 30th Level, Reef Tower, Cluster O Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, UAE, PO Box 337867
A representative of a wide range of the largest coal mining enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Khakassia, the Irkutsk region, the Kemerovo region - Kuzbass with the status of a key partner. The presence of a logistics division in our structure, which allows us to organize the delivery of Goods to the Consumer by rail on the most favorable terms. We offer: 1)high quality coal at reasonable prices; 2)24-hour support when shipping the goods; 3)strict compliance with business agreements; 4) individual approach to each client.   Представитель широкого круга крупнейших угледобывающих предприятий Республики Казахстан, Республики Кыргызстан, Республики Хакасия, Иркутской области, Кемеровской...Readmore

PT. Alvindo Duta Graha

Indonesia, Bengkulu, Jl.Hibrida 3
Cempaka, Bengkulu,
Pt. Alvindo Duta Graha (ADG) was established in Bengkulu based on the notarial deed of Emy Efrianti Agustini, SH, MKN No. 491 dated April 26, 2013 and started its commercial activity business in September 2014. The company's business activities are in the field of Trading services, especially BatuBara Trade. The Company is also engaged in construction services, property and general contractor activities.Readmore


Belarus, Минск, per. Gornyy1
Реализуем уголь каменный марки Д фракция 0-50мм, зола до 7,7%, влага 7,9%, сера 0,49%, летучие 45,3%, калорийность 5790-7050, производитель Казахстан, на любых условиях поставки. Цена договорная. Товар имеет Сертификаты и Паспорта качества производителя. We sell coal grade D fraction 0-50mm, ash up to 7.7%, moisture 7.9%, sulfur 0.49%, volatile 45.3%, calorific value 5790-7050, manufacturer Kazakhstan, on any terms of delivery. The price is negotiable. The goods have Certificates and Passports of quality of the manufacturer.Readmore

Prodazha uglya

Ukraine, городня, gorodnya

OOO "Resurs-TM"

Russian Federation, Кемерово, prospekt Leningradskiy 38-52
Покупка, продажа угля.Readmore


Kazakhstan, Казахстан , Karaganda -ugolnaya.
продажа угля .Readmore

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